A new perspective

I have moved from a market research agency to a product+marketing role on the client side, for 4 months now.

I’m realizing that making business decisions that are too heavily driven by consumer responses and market trends can be very dangerous. The biggest reason lies in the lack of cost justification that is needed to create campaigns or make a change in product benefits.

Profitability and growth remains key goal of an organisation and this is necessary to sustain the existing workforce in the organisation.

Were there circumstances where consumer needs may override an organisation’s strive for profitability?


I just want to read

I have always felt that numbers need to be read like a book.

As you flip through data the plot thickens and a story is built.

At the end of the day you gain an understanding of how it is like to be in that story, and you take away learnings that are felt so deep in the heart that you do not need to pen them down to remember them.


Hanging out

Behaviour of people is often instinctive and part of a habit. But when it is observed and written down, opportunities may be uncovered.

“I used to think those people who sat alone at Starbucks writing on their laptops were pretentious poseurs. Now, I know. They’re people who have recently moved in with someone. As I Looked around I wondered how many of them were mid-fight like myself.” – Carrie Bradshaw, The Good Fight, Sex and the City.

Real life moment #1:
2 teenage girls in their fbt shorts are flipping through their lecture notes of powerpoint slides, printed 6 slides handout style. One of them have their laptop opened, but she kept her undiverted attention on her notes. Both of them have each brought a huge roomy bag, and they have indeed brought a lot of belongings – pencil cases, files of notes, water bottles, lots of chargers and wires… they sure have planned to make themselves comfy here for a while. Both of them have their earphones plugged in. They took a corner in the cafe and haven’t ordered anything in the last hour.

Real life moment #2:
A guy in his 20s is sitting alone, back against the glass wall. He is well dressed, in white loafers, tailored bermudas and a black polo tee. His choice of seat allows him to have a full view of the cafe. He ordered a large sized coffee and opened his bag, revealing at least 7 books, a thick file of notes, a water bottle and some wires. He took out a calculator and began working on his homework. He kept his mobile out of sight, but he is easily distracted. Within half hour, he got up to order some bites.

Real life moment #3:
I am 2 episodes behind watching the latest episode of Mad Men, but today is not the day to catch up on my TV. I had to leave the house to get anything done. I packed my laptop, screen filter, adaptor and all the paper docs I might possibly need. I brought along name cards, you know, just in case. I like to hear to the soft conversations and that occasional mobile ring across the cafe as I type along. It is very comforting to feel like I am still connected to the outside, even though I am deeply engaged to the virtual social world loading on my laptop. And then I felt the need to do a blog post.